Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boys look great in Boutique Clothing too!


I love buying and selling on Since having my son I began to look for boutique items for boys but had a really hard time. Girls clothing have a larger focus so I have began to incorporate more "Boytique" clothing. Dont leave those boys out! Dress to Impress!
Little Mickey Oufit Punk Baby Outfit

Here are some great items other great Sellers:

a cute onesie from ALaineDesigns ( I mean really how many times have wanted this for your little boy --oh they are ones for girls too!)

Fun Crab outfit from Winklepots

These pants are way too adorable by mamaziel This shop has whole bunch of adorable "boytique" clothing!

Babyleila has these adorable pants.....soo cute with the tie

If you are interested in any of these items or shops, just search by username at

This is only handful! So check it out! This is a great thread full of fun blankets, outfits, burp rags and much more for those boys!

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