Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our adventures in BabyLand

So we took the two kids to BabyLand in Cleveland GA and had a blast! When my daughter was one we took her and put in the crib with the dolls (totally against the rules but Im a rebel!) and so we did it with my son this year. My daughter thought it was too cool and didnt want to leave. It was really cute to see her so into the dolls.

You can watch a baby cabbage patch being born out and we manage to be there just in time. When they asked what the baby's name should be my way too cute three year old raised her hand and said "MALLORY!" so now there is a brand new baby Mallory in Cleveland, GA.

Here is a pic of Mallory with the Cabbage patch dolls!

2 compliments:

Debye said...

Your kids are such cuties! Just found your blog....hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Amanda said...

I've been wanting to take my daughter there... it's about an hour north of us. I've heard it's fun!