Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Featured Seller of the Week: Jen's Craft Corner

I got some super cute hair clippies to match three of my Mallie's outfits. This crafter is great to work with and super fast! I wouldnt go anywhere else for custom hair clips for your little girl! Also her shop is full of fun item for everyone. Read a little info on her and then go check out Jen's Craft Corner!

Who are you? Jen, a SAHM mom of three kids, 2 boys ages 6 and 4, and a little girl who was born in June 07. I'm also an Air Force wife.

What do you craft? I applique onesies/tshirts/jeans/burpies, make matching hair clippies, make pillowcase dresses, paint home decor (frames, wooden cutouts, etc), and during the holidays I make Christmas ornaments from just about anything I can get my hands on.

Why do you do this? Because I love it! I love to make cute little onesies for my daughter, and of course hair clippies to match! And my boys love for me to make them 'cool' tshirts. I paint home decor because I love to have fun and custom items all over the house, but hate to pay high prices for them. And I love everything about Christmas, so making ornaments is just natural.

What do you love about your craft? The variety. I love that I can switch gears from painting to sewing without giving it a second thought. And I love that if I want a cute, different onesie for my daughter, or tshirt for my boys, I can just come up with something in about 30 minutes! And of course, now that I have a little girl to doll up, I want to make sure she has hair clips to match EVERYTHING she owns, so I love that I can just whip something up to make her outfit complete. ;)

What is your favorite items to make? I love to make hair clippies, and also the Sock Monkey onesie. It's defitely one of my favorites, and one of my best sellers! And I'm having fun matching up fabrics for my pillowcase dresses, too.

Why? The hair clippies are just so fun and cute! And monkeys are one of my favorite animals, and so the sock monkey onesie was born.

What makes you stand our from everyone else? There are alot of appliqued onesies out there, but I think that mine are different because I come up with the designs on my own, draw them out, and then go pick out the perfect fabric for them. And I also hand sew all my appliques as well, so there's alot more personal attention in them.

Tell me something interesting about yourself... Hmm...something interesting...Well, I'm a military wife so I've travelled all over the place in the last 6.5 years. Each one of my kids was born somewhere different- Texas, England, and Arizona!

Where can I find you? (myspace, blogs, etc): Right now I just have a personal myspace account, but when we get settled in at our new base in Feb, I'll be setting up a myspace page for all my items. Etsy link:

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