Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Shop, New Items.....Crazy!

I started Crocheting when I was on bedrest with my son and have a collection of items that have been started but not finished (have any of those laying around!) So I decided to stop leaving things unfinished but I didnt want to put them in my current shop (dont want the clutter look that etsy kind of has). SO I opened a new shop!

Just Play Hooky! It will be filled with crochet only items for mamas, babies, and even some for daddies! There are only a few items now but dont worry it will be full in no time!

I have added a couple a new items to my current shop. Here is my favorite new item so far...even though I do love all of them! :)

One was a OOAK (thats boutique lingo for One of A Kind) upcycled jean skirt with coordinating top Isnt it fun!?!
There is also a free shipping off going on right now so make sure you check out my shop!!!!

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