Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have been really trying to push my family back to the reusable as far as cloth diapers, cloth napkins, wipes and me using mama pads. We have been using cloth napkins and wipes and its working really well. I just added the snaps to my mama pads so in a couple days we will see (hmm hopefully :) no really ready for another kiddie right now LOL) My husband didnt really take onto the cloth like I had wanted and when my little guy grew out of the ones I had I just started back to disposable. He ended up with lots of diaper rashes and I just felt weird about it. But I am super busy getting things ready to send to a store so I needed to find something else. Sooo I ran across some gdiapers that another mama was getting rid of and her little girl never wore. I jumped at the chance because I have seen them at a local health food store but they were pricey and you still were throwing things out. BUT she was willing to sell them for less than have the price at the store so I thought why not. I LOVE THEM!! My little guy is tiny! With tiny thighs so must of the diapers just didnt fit fell enough. I made him some that fit better but I just dont have the time right now. These wrap around him so nice and the ourside isnt pul so its is super soft and diaper waddle here! The liner snaps in and during changes I just put a microfiber car towel (you can buy a pack of ten at Walmart for $5) and it works awesome! The microfiber soaks wonderfully and I havent had a leak yet! I just found out that a store loveer to me sells them so I will be off to get more ASAP...I only have two so I have him back in disposable for now and he keeps pulling on it...he gets all excited when I put the gdiaper on cute!

So here is my little guy!

Have you ever used them? Do you use the flushable liners? I think I might try them for long days out...not sure!

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brightonEarly said...

Ah! I've been bit by the baby bug, but am trying to fight off the illness...

I should finish school first, right? Right? hehe.