Saturday, May 17, 2008

My New Misson!

So recently did to craft shows that werent the biggest money makers but I learned a lot. I learned about display, tents, colors and items that sell. I had some great feedback from more "seasoned" crafters and feel that I can really turn this craft show thing into something. Well I received an email from a friend that told me about a huge event in Rochester that went on and they are accepting applications for next year. They are actually moving the event to a larger venue because of the amazing turnout. So obviously I need more info so I contact the organizer and WOW its quite an enterance fee (please remember I am new at this!) So after much pondering, worrying, and a bit of noratic anxiety I decided I wanted to do it. It gives me a solid 10 months of building inventory and creating my display soooo I need to raise some money for the show...
I am already a quarter of a way there and the deposit I need is due in July so wish me luck!

oh and any critiques, ideas or insights would totally rock!


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Debye said...

Good luck! I have no idea what the fee is but a big fee usually equals good exposure and sales!