Monday, May 5, 2008

My Show In Georgia

Living in the internet world you never really get to meet the people you correspond to daily. Chatting by email or forums, reading fellow Etsians thoughts and insights on their blogs, and purchasing from their shops is all via the internet. I feel like a "know" someone because I watch heir kids grow on their blog and hear about everyday life. Its really amazing that I live in New York and I have friends in California and South Carolina whom I will probably never meet but yet feel so close too! Well I had an opportunity to meet a dozen amazing Etsians on Saturday and it was wonderful! It was so awesome to see the creator behind beautiful knotted jewelry gorgeous handmade stationary, lampwork beads that boggle my mind, and so so much more. I corresponded with Nancy ( so often that it was only appropriate to give her a big hug when I met her in person for the first time. The atmosphere was unbelievable, everyone chatting and visiting eachothers booths, buying from eachother, and exchanging info. I always have felt a sense of community with Etsy (for the most part-there are those bad seeds) and it translated wonderfully outside the virtual world.

So as I ramble I must say that Mother Nature must not be a fan of Etsy (maybe she is more into the cut throat Feebay...who knows!) because it was raining off and on which meant we all had to move tables under the covered courtyard leaving us hidden from traffic - potential customers! So after moving back out to the lawn and moving my table back under the courtyard area we decided to pack up and call it a day, but not with a frown but a smile because I met some great new friends!

I included a couple of pictures of my table check it out! I also opened up my shop because I have brought a bunch of supplies with me so make sure to visit and shop!

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